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B2B Stand Booking Terms and Conditions

  1. In these terms and conditions, “organisers” means the Norfolk Chamber of Commerce; “exhibitor” means any person, company or organisation, and the staff or agents of that company taking display space; “event” means The B2B Exhibition 2019; “venue” means Norfolk Showground.

    1. A completed booking form must be submitted for all bookings. Completion of the booking form is binding confirmation of your company’s commitment to take the space booked and of your acceptance of these booking terms and conditions. Exhibition spaces are not booked until confirmed by a member of the organisers staff.
    2. Bookings made within one month of the event must be paid before the date of the event.
    3. By submitting the Booking Form, the exhibitor accepts without reservation the following:
      1. The terms of the Booking Form;
      2. All regulations contained in these terms and conditions and any reasonable instructions subsequently issued by the organisers;
      3. All regulations laid down by the local authority applicable to the event;
      4. All regulations laid down by the venue including but not limited to security, health and safety, fire and traffic;
      5. All current Health & Safety regulations.
      6. All promotional artwork must be received by the organisers by the date detailed in order to guarantee inclusion. Any artwork received after this date will not be guaranteed to be included.
    1. The organisers reserve the right to alter the layout of the exhibition at any time and in any respect.
    2. Display spaces will be released for exhibitors to select themselves.
    3. Display spaces may be released to several exhibitors at once and will be booked on a first come first served basis.
    1. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to ensure that his/her staff and any supplier/contractor working on his/her behalf, are familiar with and abide by all current UK and European health and safety regulations. The exhibitor is responsible for the health and safety of his/her stand during installation, use and dismantling.
    2. In order to create and maintain a safe environment at all times, all exhibitors and contractors must abide by reasonable instructions from the organisers and/or the venue.
    3. All electrical equipment must have an up to date/ in date PAT test and must be provided by the exhibitor.
    1. Each exhibitor is responsible for the security and insurance of his own display and its contents.
    1. No items may be removed or display breakdown commenced before the official closing time of the exhibition, unless told to by the organisers.
    1. All materials and stand fittings must be non-flammable or impregnated with fire-proofing solution in a way as to comply with all current safety requirements.
    2. All exhibitors must keep their display within the space allocated to them. Any exhibitors with a stand that exceeds these measurements cannot be guaranteed to be accommodated at the exhibition and risk losing the chance to exhibit. Any exhibitors seen doing this will be asked to remove the equipment immediately
    3. The organisers reserve the right in their absolute discretion to require the exhibitor to remove or alter all or any part of the exhibitors display and to refuse to allow the exhibitor to operate equipment (including display equipment) at the exhibition if in their sole and absolute discretion such equipment is undesirable or offensive in the context of the exhibition. Please check with the organisers ahead of the event if you feel any of your equipment may breach this.
    1. Exhibitors shall not cause any damage to the venue and shall make good any such damage at their own expense.
    2. All goods or exhibits brought onto the site are brought in at the exhibitor’s own risk. Neither the organisers nor the site owners shall accept such items into their charge or control and shall not be liable for any theft, loss or damage in respect of such items.
    1. Payment is due on receipt of the completed booking form.
    2. In the event that an exhibitor fails to meet any of the payment obligations (whether as to the amount or dates of payments) then the organisers reserve the right to cancel the booking.
    3. Norfolk Chamber provides members with a discounted rate for stands at the exhibition. If you have booked an exhibition stand at the discounted member rate and cancel your membership before the event date you will be invoiced for the difference between member and non-member stand price.
    1. All cancellations must be submitted in writing to the organiser to
    2. All bookings are subject to a cancellation fee of 50% of the cost of the stand, should the stand need to be cancelled, if the cancellation is received in writing before Friday 30 August 2019.
    3. For any cancellations submitted on or after Friday 30 August 2019, the cancellation fee will be 100% of the cost of the stand.
    4. If cancellation is received at any point after booking and should monies not, at the time of cancellation, already have been paid to the organisers, the cancellation fees stated above will still apply and will have to be paid in full.
  2. In the event of an exhibitor becoming bankrupt or insolvent or entering into liquidation or having a receiver, administrator, sequestrator or trustee appointed over any of its assets, the organisers shall be at liberty to terminate forthwith the contract with the exhibitor and the terms and conditions relating to cancellation of space set out in clause 10 shall apply.

    1. If the event is abandoned, cancelled or suspended in whole or in part by reason of war, fire, national emergency, labour dispute, strike, lock-out, civil disturbance, inevitable accident, the non-availability of the venue or any other cause not within the control of the organisers, the organisers may at their entire discretion, repay the space rental paid by the exhibitor, or part thereof, but shall be under no obligation to do so. The organisers shall be under no liability to the exhibitor in respect of any actions, claims, losses (including consequential losses), costs or expenses whatsoever which may be brought against or suffered or incurred by the exhibitor, as the result of the happening of such an event.
    1. Each exhibitor shall be deemed to have full knowledge of the Terms and Conditions and is bound by them in all respects.